OFF/FFA Development Clinic

OFF/FFA is a new initiative by Women in Film & Television Finland in collaboration with Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy and Finnish Film Affair. OFF/FFA is a development clinic that offers coaching, pitching and visibility to the filmmakers and their films at an international industry event. OFF/FFA is aimed at projects that at some point in their development have received public or private funding, but seized receiving any further grants or never progressed into production due to gatekeepers. Other selection criteria entailed a team with 50% of female participation as well as one team member being a WIFT Finland member. In the application phase four interesting fiction film projects were selected with the majority of female participants in their teams. During OFF/FFA the teams will be offered the opportunity to pitch, receive consulting and coaching from international industry professionals.

OFF/FFA Projects

Maiden of Dusk

Maiden of Dusk is a feature drama. In a detached corner of Estonia, the archeologist Sonja (41) leads excavations that search for proofs of historical “angel makers”, people who conducted illegal abortions. Unlike her work, Sonja’s personal life does not stand daylight. Sonja is engaged in a passionate relation with her young assistant Niko (25). When the attic room of her temporary home is rented by Thomas (58), the relationship of the lovers comes to an unexpected turn. The sexual impulsiveness of Sonja becomes the dynamo of the intimate family of the three – until the shocking fact changes permanently the life of the lovers. The disease inherited from Sonja’s mother will take Sonja to death in a few years. And that’s not all, she is expecting a child! The three are forced to face difficult choices. By means of magical realism Maiden of Dusk tells a story about love that in its beauty reaches beyond the death.

Maiden of Dusk OFF/FFA representatives

Pia Tikka, Director
Eeva R. Tikka, Screenwriter

The Black Sun 

The Black Sun is an art house fiction film. In the past Aaron (14) found Father dead on the floor and Sara (7), with a knife, sitting on shocked Mother’s lap. Aaron thought that Sara had killed Father, defending Mother. The siblings never realized that their Father was anything but just a scary sadist. Now Aaron (28), a popular artist during the totalitarian era, is an art community outcast. The Siblings’ lives change when a young man looking like a Greek god, Stefan (30), wants to help them, until he is revealed to be a traitor, an ex-KGB spy. His only “wound” seems to be the cut on his face from a plastic surgeon’s knife. When the siblings find out the Truth of how the KGB murdered their Father, a poet, and tortured their Mother, a pianist, Aaron thirsts for revenge, while Sara (21) starts to rebel against her brother, looking to prevent the past from repeating itself.  

The Black Sun OFF/FFA representatives

Maria Ruotsala
Ulrika Enckell

The Saint

The Saint is an emotional psychological drama with mystery elements.  It is also a film about deception and the necessity of giving and receiving help. Anna, a troubled art historian starts to work in an environment which rules and values she does not share. The conflict worsens when she finds hidden in a church an uncatalogued medieval sculpture of a saint and becomes obsessed with cracking it’s mystery. In the process she realizes that the sculpture and herself have much more in common than she bargained for. The question is, which monsters the sculpture will make her face? Inner or outer? Both.

The Saint representatives at OFF/FFA

Pia Andell, Screenwriter-Director
Mika Ritalahti, Producer

Women on the Way

Women on the Way is a coming of age story of Leena Mägi, 39. Leena, recently divorced from her wealthy Estonian husband, is back in her homeland Finland, broke and living in a caravan. She makes a deal with her mother Aino, who lives up north that she will go there to help sell the old house. Meanwhile in Estonia, her ex-husband Andres decides to send their daughters Maria, 15, and Karolina, 11, to their mother since Maria skips school to smoke weed with her boyfriend and Karolina burnt the school locker room. So off they go – three women on their way from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, trying to cope with the different stages of womanhood, with each other and with the inevitable growing pains. And in the end it’s time to celebrate Midsummer. 

Women on the Way representatives at OFF/FFA

Lenka Hellstedt, Director
Pirjo Ojala, Screenwriter